Cheapest Pet Insurance for Large Breed Dogs: Compare Your Options!

Getting pet insurance for your large breed dog can save you money and provide peace of mind. But with so many providers available, how do you know which offers the best value?

This comprehensive guide compares the cheapest pet insurance for large breed dogs from top providers. We evaluate costs, coverage details, exclusions, and more so you can find the right fit.

Whether you have a Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever or other big dog, read on for recommendations!

Quick Comparison Table: Best Cheap Pet Insurance for Big Dogs

Before we dive into full reviews, here is a high-level overview comparing 10 top contenders for cheapest pet insurance for large breed dogs:

Provider Starting Price Our Rating Feature Highlights
Pumpkin $20 per month 4.9 / 5 Great $15,000 max coverage & low premiums for large dogs
Petplan $34 per month 4.8 / 5 Lots of high coverage options for big dogs
Lemonade $33 per month 4.6 / 5 Easy sign up process, great premiums & mobile app
Figo Pet Insurance $35 per month 4.7 / 5 Multiple wellness plans for quality vet care
Healthy Paws $32/month 4.6 / 5 100% vet bill coverage and no payout limits
Trupanion $47/month 4.5 / 5 90% coverage with no caps or limits
PetFirst $30/month 4.3 / 5 Wellness add-ons for dental, flea, & more
ASPCA $31/month 4.2 / 5 Reimburses 90% of your vet costs
Embrace $64/month 4.1/ 5 Customize coverage with many options
Nationwide $56/month 3.9 / 5 $250 annual deductible

Check out the details, pros and cons of each pet insurer below. All premium estimates are based on a 1-3 year old male Labrador in California, for comparison. Actual pricing will depend on your dog’s age, breed, location and more.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pet Insurance for Large Dogs

Here are some top considerations as you decide on the right affordable pet insurance for your big canine:

Does It Cover Common Issues for Big Breeds?

Giant dog breeds like Mastiffs, St Bernards, and Great Danes often face joint conditions, mobility issues, and bloat. Make sure any policy covers common hereditary and acquired conditions.

Are There Caps or Limits on Coverage?

The best pet insurance policies reimburse 90% or more of your vet bills after you meet your annual deductible. Be wary of low payout limits or “per condition” maximums.

What is the Annual Maximum Coverage?

Look for at least $10,000 to $15,000 in annual maximum coverage. Big breed vet care adds up quickly!

Are Preventive Services Included?

Wellness plans and preventive care riders provide exams, vaccines, dental cleaning and more to keep your dog healthy. This is useful for giant breeds.

Does It Offer Customizable Plans?

Look for options to increase or decrease annual limits, deductibles and reimbursement rates to suit your needs.

Always read the fine print on waiting periods, exclusions, reimbursement rates and more. Now let’s explore the cheapest pet insurance options for big dogs in more detail!

Pumpkin: Cheap Pet Insurance for Big Canines

Pumpkin Pet Insurance is an excellent choice for price-conscious dog owners. They consistently offer low monthly premiums for all breeds.

With Pumpkin, you can get 90% reimbursement coverage and decent $15,000 maximum benefits even on cheap plans – perfect for giant breed dogs with potentially high healthcare costs.

Some key details about Pumpkin’s low-cost pet insurance:

✅ $15,000 maximum annual benefits

✅ 90% reimbursement after a low $200 deductible

✅ All common hereditary and acquired conditions covered

✅ Big network with 24/7 telehealth support

✅ Optional preventive care coverage for just $18 per month more

✅ Quick and easy signup with online quotes in 2 minutes

One downside is Pumpkin does impose a few limits on coverage for cruciate ligament issues, physical therapy and alternative treatments. However, their maximum payouts are still quite high compared to competitors.

On the whole, Pumpkin offers outstanding coverage options and premiums for giant breed dogs on a budget. Get your quick free quote now!

Petplan: Budget-Friendly Insurance for Big Pups

Petplan is another excellent choice when looking for cheap pet insurance for extra large canines.

As one of the largest U.S. pet insurers with over 40 years of experience, they offer a wide range of customizable plans.

Here are some notable features of Petplan’s affordable insurance options:

✅ Get coverage for common hereditary conditions

✅ Unlimited payout limits on most policies

✅ Choose annual max limits from $5k up to unlimited

✅ Optional routine wellness add-ons available

✅ Mobile claims submissions and fast payments

One advantage with Petplan is you can adjust your annual coverage limit based on your budget and needs. Go up to unlimited if you have a fragile giant breed!

We also like their convenient mobile app and fast claims reimbursement process. Read over policy documents carefully though, as some exclusions may apply for certain conditions.

Overall Petplan lets you tailor higher coverage levels at affordable rates for your extra large pup! Get a fast free quote here!

Lemonade: Low-Cost Dog Insurance with Great Service

Lemonade Pet Insurance deserves a look for giant breed owners seeking cheaper monthly premiums.

As part of an innovative Insurtech company, Lemonade offers convenient mobile sign up and claims processing powered by AI bots.

Here is a quick overview of their affordable pet insurance options for large dogs:

✅ Get premiums from $15 per month

✅ 90% reimbursement on vet bills

✅ $14,000 maximum annual payouts

✅ Preventive wellness plans include dental cleaning

✅ Very fast claim payments in minutes!

We really like Lemonade’s technology, convenience and top-tier customer service. Keep in mind that cruciate ligament therapy limits cap out lower than some competitors.

However, Lemonade still maintains strong offerings for the budget-conscious giant breed owner! Grab a personalized quote here in under 2 minutes.

Figo Pet Insurance: Bargain Plans for Quality Care

Figo Pet Insurance is a great option with plenty of low-cost plans tailored towards dog owners.

They stand out by offering multiple tiers of coverage focused on either accidents/illnesses or comprehensive wellness care.

Here is a quick look at Figo’s offerings for affordable coverage:

✅ Choose from six coverage plans

✅ Get low $100 annual deductibles

✅ Optional wellness plans add dental, exams & more

✅ Includes prescription medications

✅ Access live video vet consultations

Figo also offers a convenient mobile app and fast 2 day claim reimbursements once approved. Just watch out for hip dysplasia limits and make sure to comparison shop.

Overall they provide fantastic care options at reasonable pricing! Grab a free quote for your big furball now!

Healthy Paws: Cheap Premiums for Giant Dogs

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a leading option worth considering for owners on a budget.

Two great benefits right off the bat:

✅ No limits whatsoever on annual or per condition coverage

✅ 100% reimbursement on all covered vet bills

This gives valuable peace of mind for fragile giant breed owners. Their basic accident only plans start at just $20 monthly too!

Some other advantages of choosing Healthy Paws include:

✅ Choose an annual limit between $5k up to unlimited

✅ Robust mobile claims submissions & fast payments

✅ Optional wellness package adds exams, shots & more

Do keep in mind Healthy Paws does not cover hip dysplasia or cruciate ligament therapy. Make sure to read the fine print before signing up!

Overall though, Healthy Paws remains a fantastic budget-friendly insurance option for giant dog owners seeking robust coverage. Grab a quick free quote!

Trupanion: Price-Conscious Insurance for Huge Dogs

Medical insurance provider Trupanion offers decent value for giant breed owners through customizable coverage and minimal exclusions.

Here is an overview of their budget-friendly pricing and plans:

✅ 90% reimbursement with no payout limits

✅ Policy options for $5k up to unlimited coverage

✅ Add-on packages for medical & wellness

✅ Easy enrollment & mobile account access

We like Trupanion’s flexibility in coverage limits and deductibles. Their base plans start around $40 per month which is very affordable to insure big pets.

Do keep in mind they have some exclusions for hip issues, so make sure to read all policy documents before signing up.

Overall Trupanion remains a quality low-cost provider option for giant breed owners! Get an instant quote for your dog now!

PetFirst: Economical Insurance for Canines

Regional insurer PetFirst Pet Insurance offers nicely priced plans that work for many budgets.

Here is a quick rundown of their coverage offerings:

✅ Choose $5k, $10k or $15k annual limits

✅ 80% reimbursement after $500 deductible

✅ Optional wellness packages for dental & more

✅ Exam fee coverage with Whole Pet plan

✅ Lower pricing for spayed/neutered pets

We like PetFirst’s wide range of annual limit options to suit your budget. Just watch out for some usual exclusions around knee ligaments, hip dysplasia and congenital conditions.

Overall PetFirst remains a solid choice for large breed owners seeking cheaper premiums under $50 monthly in most cases. Get a fast free quote!

ASPCA: Low-Priced Coverage for Big Dogs

Non-profit provider ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers unexpectedly affordable plans that suit tighter budgets while still maintaining decent offerings.

Here is an overview:

✅ $10,000 max annual coverage

✅ Get 90% reimbursement after deductible

✅ Optional wellness add-on for dental & more

✅ Covers cruciate ligament issues

✅ Low pricing with community discounts

The ASPCA offers solid bang for your buck despite some coverage limits. We like their generally low pricing and giving back to animal welfare efforts as a non-profit.

Just be aware of caps on cruciate therapy and be diligent reading their coverage documents before signing up.

Overall this is a leading backer of animal rights causes that still provides workable, affordable pet insurance policies for giant dog owners on a budget! Grab a free quote!

Embrace: Covers Large Pets for Less

Embrace Pet Insurance deserves a look for their highly customizable offerings and specialty coverage options at reasonable premiums.

Here’s an overview:

✅ Build fully customizable policy

✅ Choose $5k to unlimited annual coverage

✅ Option to add wellness & dental plans

✅ Covers alternative therapies

✅ Fast online claims reimbursements

We like how Embrace enables you to adjust everything from reimbursement rates to deductibles based on your budget. This helps accommodate fragile giant breeds.

Some downsides are waiting periods and limitations around congenital conditions. But Embrace remains affordably priced given flexibility and options!

For giant breed owners wanting more control over coverage, Embrace delivers good value. Get a custom quote now!

Nationwide: Affordable Plans for Big Dog Owners

Nationwide Pet Insurance offers multiple tiers of accident and illness coverage at reasonable premiums for budget buyers.

Notable features of their low-cost pet insurance plans include:

✅ Choose from $5k up to $100k limits

✅ 70%-90% reimbursement rates

✅ $250 annual deductible on mid-tier plans

✅ Optional wellness packages with exams

✅ Established 1984 with vet expertise

The main downsides we notice are lower payout rates and maximums than some competitors on entry-level plans. But their mid-range options offer solid coverage for reasonable pricing.

In general, Nationwide provides dependable pet insurance that won’t break the bank for giant breed owners. Grab a free quote!

Finding the Best Deal for Your Giant Furry Friend

We hope this detailed guide comparing providers of the cheapest pet insurance for large breed dogs has been helpful as you shop for your giant furball!

Key takeaways in summary:

✅ Focus on yearly limits, reimbursement rates & deductibles

✅ Seek accident & illness policies over cheaper “accident only”

✅ Add preventive wellness coverage to catch issues early

✅ Set aside at least $50 monthly for decent big breed insurance

The good news is there are many great options offering robust protection at reasonable premiums.

We recommend starting with instant quote comparisons from Pumpkin, Healthy Paws, Figo, Petplan and more above. This will allow you to strike the right balance of tailored coverage and budget.

Wishing you many healthy years with your beloved extra large canine companion! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions large breed owners have about finding affordable pet insurance.

Will insuring my Mastiff or St Bernard be too expensive?

While giant breeds often do cost more to insure due to their increased likelihood for joint issues and vet expenses, plenty of decent plans for under $100 monthly exist. The companies listed above all cater well to large dogs with customizable limits, deductibles and reimbursements to suit your budget.

Should I get accident-only or comprehensive insurance?

We strongly recommend comprehensive accident AND illness coverage rather than accident-only policies for giant breeds vulnerable to acquired conditions like bloat. While more expensive than accident-only, you get far more coverage and peace of mind with a robust plan reimbursing vet treatment for all conditions. Prioritize annual limits and reimbursement rates when comparing plans.

Is pet insurance worth it for an otherwise healthy dog?

Yes, protecting your pet with coverage from an early age is wise. Even if your dog seems healthy now, accidents happen – and big breeds are prone to joint injuries and acquired conditions leading to huge bills. Locking in pet insurance while young and complication-free saves you from being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions later on. Go with higher deductibles and limits to keep monthly costs down.

Should I consider wellness coverage too?

Wellness coverage can provide great preventative care to catch issues early and maintain your big pup’s quality of life. Wellness plan add-ons cover dental cleaning, annual exams, vaccines and more. While an extra monthly expense, they promote vital vet visits to diagnose conditions before they require expensive treatments down the road.