If you love listening to music to push through those tough reps at the gym or get in the zone during long outdoor runs, finding headphones that can keep up is a must. Between sweat drips and accidental yanks on the cord, the average headphones just won’t cut it for workout use.

That’s why we researched and reviewed over 20 top-rated, high-quality workout headphones perfect for active exercise sessions. We considered key factors like sweat resistance, durability, comfort, sound quality, battery life, and price to determine the best options.

Below we’ll compare our top 3 workout headphone picks in detail followed by reviews of 10 other noteworthy choices. Plus answers to frequently asked questions about sweatproof headphones to help you decide which will best suit your fitness needs and budget.

Comparison of Our Top 3 Sweatproof Workout Headphone Picks

Features JBL Endurance PEAK II Bose Sport Earbuds Beats Powerbeats Pro
Sweat & Water Resistance IPX7 fully waterproof IPX4 water/sweat resistant IPX4 water/sweat resistant
Noise Isolation Passive noise cancelling Passive noise cancelling Active noise cancelling
Durability MIL-STD-810G shockproof rating Reinforced frame resists damage Built to withstand tough workouts
Audio Quality Powerful bass, clear mids/highs Clean, balanced sound signature Punchy bass driven sound
Battery Life 28 hours (10.5 buds, 17.5 case) 15 hours (5 buds, 10 case) 24 hours (9 hours buds, 2 charges case)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.1 Bluetooth Class 1
Onboard Controls Yes, buttons on buds Yes, buttons on buds Yes, “b” button on buds
Voice Assistant Access Google Assistant/Siri compatible Siri and Google Assistant Hey Siri compatible
Mic Performance Clear calls, Alexa access Crisp call clarity Good call quality
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

JBL Endurance PEAK II

The JBL Endurance Peak II are our overall top choice workout headphones due to their best-in-class battery life, full waterproof rating, and rich powerful sound.

These wireless earbuds are IPX7 rated meaning they can be fully submerged without issue. So no matter how hard you sweat or get caught in the rain, the Peak II headphones will hold up through it all.

With 28 hours of total battery life including the case, you could literally run for 24 hours straight and still have juice left over for the rest of your week. The 10.5 hours of standalone usage per charge is very impressive as well.

Audio quality stands out with JBL’s signature bass-driven sound that makes workout playlists really pump you up. Mids and highs come through crisp without distortion even at higher volumes perfect for noisy gyms.

Bose Sport Earbuds

For those who want incredible comfort and stability in a lightweight totally wireless design, the Bose Sport Earbuds are an awesome choice. These headphones will stay securely in place through any activity thanks to the unique StayHear Max tip design.

They are also sweat and water resistant with an IPX4 rating, have rich clear audio in a signature Bose balanced tuning, and provide up to 15 hours total listening including the charging case.

A proprietary acoustic port design makes the audio feel very open allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings which is great for outdoor runners and cyclists. Any ambient noise leaks in just the right amount for safety but doesn’t interfere with your music enjoyment.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

With their ear hook design, customized drivers, powerful sound, and Apple friendly features, the Powerbeats Pro headphones are built from the ground up for workouts and athletic performance.

The adjustable secure-fit ear hooks keep the buds anchored in during agile or high intensity training. An IPX4 rating makes them fully sweat and water resistant as well. You get up to 24 hours total playback time and can quickly charge them via Lightning or Qi wireless charging.

Dedicated drivers give you optimized dynamic range and clean distortion free sound that really shines during active use. The signature Beats sound leans towards amplified bass but mids and high still cut through with detail and clarity at any volume.

Detailed Reviews – More Top Sweatproof Headphone Options

Anker Soundcore Sport X10 – Best Value Waterproof Workout Headphones

For shoppers on a tight budget, the Anker Soundcore X10 earbuds provide surprisingly decent performance and features for the low price point.

They boast an impressive IPX7 fully waterproof build and flexible ear wings to keep them anchored in during agile movements. Battery life reaches about 8 hours per charge plus 32 extra from the case.

While audio quality isn’t as rich or balanced compared to the top options, there is still nice bass thump and ample volume ideal for gym sessions. The compact charging case is also very portable for tossing in your gym bag.

Under Armour Project Rock – Most Durable Over-Ear Option

With legendary toughness built to match Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s brutal workout regimen, the UA Project Rock over-ears dominate for durability. The flexible headband, sturdy metal reinforcing, and sweatproof cushions withstand hardcore daily use in any gym.

Impressive features like 50 hours of battery life, deep punchy sound with booming bass, and Bluetooth 5.0 make them great workout companions. The price is on the high side but for unbreakable over-ear headphones optimized for training, they are worth it.

Adidas RPT-02 SOL – Best On-Ear Workout Headphones

The RPT-02 SOL headphones from Adidas check all the boxes for the ideal sporty on-ear design. At only 150 grams, they are so light you barely notice them during agile movements yet the headband still provides a super secure comfy fit.

They are IPX4 sweatproof rated with antimicrobial fabric on the pads and headband that prevents buildup of smells overtime. Battery life is strong at 40 hours per charge giving you weeks of gym sessions before needing to recharge. Sound quality focuses on punchy amplified bass that drives adrenaline during hardcore lifts and sprints.

Jabra Elite 7 Active – Top Noise Isolating Earbuds

Jabra is well known for making excellent sports focused headphones with great noise isolation and the Elite 7 Active is the newest and greatest. It has a subtly tweaked design optimized for fit and stability when running and training.

These earbuds are IP57 dust/waterproof rated plus the compact charging case is dust/water resistant as well. You get about 8 hours per charge with 30 hours total including the case. Jabra’s signature crisp, powerful, bass driven sound shines through beautifully even in noisy environments.

Hydro Active Short Cord – Most Convenient Neckband Style

While many wireless headphones use an over-ear or truly wireless in-ear design, neckband style headphones have their perks too. They are convenient to wear, hard to lose, and provide all day listening comfort.

This Hydro Active model has a short cord length that stays firmly around the neck during agile movements. Soft silicon tips seal out noise and the headphones have an IPX5 rating making them fully sweatproof. Battery life reaches 10 hours and sound has thunderous bass plus clear treble.

Skullcandy Crusher Evo – Best Bass Driven Sound

Bass heads who want literally ground shaking low end will fall in love with the Skullcandy Crusher Evo headphones. They have proprietary sensory bass technology that amplifies and enhances those super low frequencies unlike anything else.

You can even adjust the bass intensity via the slider control on the ear cups. The sound portrait is still fairly balanced overall but does lean towards amplified lows. 40 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.2, folding design, and microphone make the Skullcandy Evo versatile for both workouts and everyday use.

Shokz OpenRun Pro – Safest Open Ear Design for Runners

Unlike traditional earbuds, bone conduction headphones from Shokz deliver sound by vibrating your cheekbones leaving ears open. This “OpenFit” technology keeps you fully aware of ambient noises for safety outdoors.

The OpenRun Pro model has new TurboPitch technology to enhance bass performance so you still get impactful audio. Battery reaches 10 hours playback with quick USB-C charging. As long as you get the right fit, Shokz are perfect for situational awareness during runs, cycling, and other cardio training.

Treblab XFit – Best Value Truly Wireless Earbuds

While Apple Airpods get all the attention, the Treblab XFit earbuds prove you can still get awesome features and performance on a budget. These IPX4 sweatproof rated headphones have incredible bang for buck value.

You get about 8 hours per charge with an extra 3 charges from the pocket sized case. Sound quality focuses on big bass and crisp treble thanks to large 10mm drivers and amplification technology. The ear hook design ensures these buds won’t budge during agile movements while still feeling feather light.

Mpow Flame Pro – Most Affordable Waterproof Earbuds

It’s incredible what the Mpow Flame Pro headphones deliver at their bargain basement price. Fully waterproof construction and rich bass driven sound definitely seem way more premium than the cost would indicate.

While highs and mids can sound slightly muddy at loud volumes, the sound holds up great at moderate listening levels. You get about 9 hours battery life per charge with an additional 36 hours from the charging case. For their low price, it’s hard to find another workout ready option that performs as well as the Mpow Flame Pros.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Workout Headphones

What makes headphones sweatproof?

Sweatproof headphones are designed with water resistant materials both externally and internally to withstand sweat, rain, splashes. They will have an “IPX” ingress protection rating indicating they passed rigorous testing against water ingress (with the “X” showing the specific level of protection). Most quality workout headphones nowadays have at least an IPX4 rating making them splashproof if not fully waterproof.

How should workout headphones fit?

Ideal fit will vary based on headphone style but in general workout headphones should feel very stable and anchored solidly. Earbuds need silicone/foam tips that seal well without being so tight they cause discomfort or pain. Neckbands should have just enough tension to stay put around your neck as you move. Over-ears should clamp firmly with ample padding cushioning your head. Agile head movements and high intensity training shouldn’t budge your headphones or risk them flying out.

Is noise cancelling good for exercise headphones?

It depends on where and how you plan to train. For outdoor running/cycling, hearing ambient noises is crucial for safety so noise cancelling can be dangerous. But for tuning out a noisy gym environment to focus, noise cancelling is very beneficial. Some sport focused headphones now use “transparency mode” which amplifies just enough ambient sound for safety outdoors while still reducing distracting chatter/music indoors.

How do I choose headphone style for my sport?

Consider what head/body movements are required for your sport and choose headphone style accordingly. For lots of agile head movements like weight lifting, wrestling, HIIT circuits: earbuds or over-ears tend to stay most secure. For running/cycling requiring awareness: open ear bone conduction models are safest. For versatile all purpose gym use: on-ear is convenient. And for swimming/fully getting wet: most headphones won’t work, needing waterproof wireless speaker instead.

Are wireless or wired workout headphones better?

Definitely wireless, as cords are annoying and potentially dangerous if snagged during intense training. New battery technology also allows 8+ hours runtime without recharging needed. Bluetooth 5.0+ provides super stable connectivity without cutouts or interference. And many wireless models at all price points have impressive durability, sound quality, and features rivaling wired pairs. Unless you are an extreme audiophile, wireless workout headphones now clearly beat wired across the board.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you discover sweatproof durable headphones to power through your workout sessions in style and comfort! Let me know if you have any other questions as you compare options and make your ideal choice.