The Ultimate Guide to Staying Updated on Crypto Trends and News in 2023

The cryptocurrency market is dynamic. Keeping up with the latest trends, technology, currencies, and industry changes may be challenging. To take advantage of opportunities and steer clear of traps, investors, traders, entrepreneurs, and everyone else interested in the field must be up to date on the newest developments in cryptocurrency.

The best sources for keeping tabs on cryptocurrency news, trends, and insights in 2023 are included in this comprehensive guide, enabling you to make well-informed judgements.

Important Sources for Crypto News and Analytics

There are a number of recommended websites to keep up with the most recent developments in cryptocurrency. These websites provide news, commentary, information, podcasts, and more with a particular emphasis on the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Being among the first websites to cover digital currencies, CoinDesk has established itself as a reliable source for information on Bitcoin and related topics. It also offers podcasts, analysis, and opinion articles. They provide comprehensive reports while keeping abreast of minute-by-minute developments in the industry.


Like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph is a top source for the most recent information and analysis on cryptocurrencies. Cointelegraph provides market statistics, professional viewpoints, how-to guides on cryptocurrency-related issues, and cultural reporting on the nexus between crypto and society in addition to news.


Decrypt is an excellent resource for the most recent news articles on cryptocurrencies, tokens, exchanges, regulators, DeFi protocols, and advancements in Web 3. They go deeply into important industrial events in their reporting.

Bitcoin Magazine

As a news website devoted to Bitcoin-related developments from the editorial standpoint of Bitcoin maximalism, Bitcoin Magazine offers news that is specially filtered via a lens that is focused on Bitcoin.


Messari is the industry leader in statistics, measurements, charts, and research pertaining to cryptocurrency markets and developments. Their online intelligence platform provides news, analysis, real-time data feeds, and cryptocurrency tracking tools.

Website Key Focus Content Types
CoinDesk Broad crypto news, analysis and data News articles, analysis reports, podcasts, market data tools
Cointelegraph All the latest crypto and blockchain news with analysis and how-to’s News, how-to guides, expert takes, cultural commentary
Decrypt Wide range of crypto news impacting cryptocurrencies and people Breaking news stories, event reporting
Bitcoin Magazine Bitcoin news, analysis and perspective from a Bitcoin maximalist editorial stance News, perspective stories, interviews, markets data
Messari Crypto analysis, intelligence, metrics and market data Real-time and historical crypto market data, news monitoring, analysis tools

This table shows a comparison of these major crypto news and information sites along with their unique focus and content types published.

Crypto Trend Tracking on Social Media

Beyond news sites, Twitter and other social channels have also become a valuable source for tracking trending crypto topics and breaking developments quickly. Here are some of the most impactful influencers and feeds to follow.

Crypto Twitter

  • @APompliano – Anthony Pompliano provides insights on Bitcoin, market analysis
  • @cryptomanran – Ran Neuner posts market updates, hosts Crypto Banter podcast
  • @Crypto_Texan) – James Todaro investment takes, DeFi analysis
  • @altcoinbuzzio – Altcoin Buzz crypto news feed and video interviews
  • @cryptowinter – Crypto asset analyst and investor. Value investing focus.

Follow hashtags like #cryptotrading, #defi, #btc, #web3 and #altcoins

Crypto YouTube

  • Coin Bureau – Researched crypto explainers, news breakdowns, profile new projects
  • Altcoin Daily – News, analysis and interviews from crypto experts
  • Bloomberg Crypto – Crypto analysis from large finance publication Bloomberg
  • Crypto Renegade – Interviews with builders in crypto ecosystem

Top crypto vloggers provide market insights, updates on trending topics, explain complex concepts while also offering interviews with leaders across the industry.

Crypto Podcasts

In addition to YouTube and Twitter, podcasts are another popular way to keep up with crypto trends on the go while multitasking. Podcasts allow crypto experts to discuss and debate topics affecting crypto markets in a long format conversational style.

  • Unchained – One of the longest running weekly crypto podcasts conducting interviews
  • Bankless – Analysis of DeFi and Ethereum ecosystem developments
  • Hashing It Out – Focused on Bitcoin analysis

Whether it’s riding in the car, traveling, or even just cleaning around the house, crypto podcasts provide an easy way to soak up knowledge on crypto by listening to deep discussions around the most pressing topics.

Top Crypto Publishers and Newsletters

Crypto Newsletters

Email newsletters continue to thrive, providing subscribers with well-researched and curated analysis, delivered conveniently to their inbox either daily, weekly or monthly.

Newsletters provide a level of reliable consistency for curated updates and analysis, saving readers from having to hunt across a scattered sea of content to find value.

Newsletter Frequency Focus
CoinSnacks 5x / week Quick daily crypto news brief
Delphi Daily Daily In-depth market and trend analysis
The Daily Gwei 5x / week Ethereum ecosystem and DeFi updates
Crypto Weekly 1x / week Summary of major crypto events

The main cryptocurrency newsletters are compared in this table along with their frequency and content emphasis for your consideration.

Certain Crypto Publishers

Additionally, a number of independent authors, analysts, and cryptocurrency publications are worth following since they often provide enlightening trend reports, viewpoint pieces, explainers, and commentary.

  • Lyn Alden: Performed extensive research on the landscape of investing
  • On-chain analyst Alex Krüger provides data-driven updates.
  • Will Clemente isBlockchaincoin analyst who uses statistics to analyse market patterns.
  • The Delphi Digital team is doing analysis on Ethereum, the macro environment, L1s, and DeFi.

Locating many reliable analysis providers makes it easier to sift through the noise in the market and find the original, intelligent crypto viewpoints and updates.

Websites for Crypto Research Data

If one want to do independent study on charts, statistics, and metrics pertaining to crypto fundamentals, the following sites provide quantitative tools for trend analysis.

Chain-Level Data

  • Glassnode: On-chain network information for networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others
  • Dune Analytics: An Interactive Ethereum Data Query Dashboard

Market Information

  • CoinMarketCap: Provides market statistics on cryptocurrency volumes, prices, market capitalisation, and other aspects.
  • The official cryptocurrency pricing, chart, and statistics website is CoinGecko.

Blockchain Investigators

  • Track Ethereum network transactions and contracts using Etherscan, an explorer
  • View live Bitcoin blocks, transactions, and important data with the Explorer.

These top-tier websites provide validated quantitative data sets with charting capabilities and exportable data sets for study, assisting in the identification of macro crypto trends.

Purchasing Premium Crypto Content

The aforementioned resources are all very valuable and free of cost. However, there is also a rising trend of subscription-based premium crypto research and newsletter services that provide an extra layer of insider information, exclusive access, and analysis.

The following are a few of the most reliable paid services to think about:

  • Messari: Obtain analyst access, email newsletters, and the Crypto Thesis database
  • The Block: email digests and research papers of institutional calibre
  • Morning Brew + The Pay Off is a daily newsletter centred on cryptocurrency that builds upon their primary financial magazine.
  • Bloomberg Crypto: Leading financial media source for cryptocurrency news and intelligence
  • CoinDesk Research: Obtain trustworthy cryptocurrency data feeds straight from CoinDesk

Paying for exclusive insights and data via premium memberships might save time that would otherwise be spent searching the web for a well-informed viewpoint.

Key Takeaways from Tracking Crypto Trends

  1. Reputable websites with timely cryptocurrency news and insightful analysis include CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and Decrypt.
  2. Using social media, particularly Twitter for cryptocurrency, one may find out what is currently trending.
  3. Newsletters, podcasts, and YouTube allow for the consumption of longer-form information that tracks cryptocurrency developments.
  4. Tracking certain analysts and outlets makes it easier to sift through the noise and identify dependable, insightful viewpoints that merit consideration.
  5. Quantitative information about trends may be found with blockchain explorers and price data on-chain.
  6. Premium memberships from Messari, The Block, Morning Brew, and Bloomberg provide an additional degree of insider information for institutional-grade access.

The aforementioned resources provide trustworthy channels for monitoring the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape via news websites, social media feeds, audio and video material, data tools, and paid research products. Utilise these resources to your advantage so that you can allocate your limited time, attention, and resources wisely.

Commonly Asked Questions

Which crypto websites are the most well-known?

For news and analysis, the most popular cryptocurrency websites are CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and Decrypt; for market statistics, they include CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko.

What information regarding crypto Twitter should I know?

Crypto The network of accounts tweeting about news and trends in cryptocurrency is referred to as Twitter. Important accounts to follow include @altcoinbuzzio, @APompliano, and @cryptomanran.

How can I search YouTube for the best crypto channels?

Popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels include Bloomberg Crypto for market coverage, Altcoin Daily for news and analysis, and Coin Bureau for explainers.

What are some enlightening cryptocurrency newsletter examples?

reputable free cryptocurrency newsletters to subscribe to include The Daily Gwei by Messari, Delphi Daily, and The Pay Off by Morning Brew.

Where can I locate blockchain explorers and on-chain data?

Dune Analytics and Glassnode provide on-chain network statistics. Users may observe blockchain transactions using Explorer and Etherscan.

Which applications keep track of cryptocurrency trends that I should be aware of?

Among the helpful cryptocurrency applications are:

  • Blockfolio: Keep tabs on pricing and create notifications for your cryptocurrency holdings
  • CoinGecko – Mobile cryptocurrency price monitoring with alerts, stats, and news
  • Top cryptocurrency pricing, market statistics, listings, and news app is CoinMarketCap.
  • Breeding NFT toads in the game CrypToadz is connected to cryptocurrency price movements.

How do I keep up with changes in cryptocurrency regulations?

Follow @GaryGensler and @SEC_News on Twitter. Don’t forget to monitor news sections on websites like Decrypt regulatory and The Block. Take a look at The Block Research for comprehensive policy analysis.

Which cryptocurrency aggregator websites ought I to bookmark?

The best cryptocurrency aggregators are:

  • Web3Signals: Compiles trends from the Web3 and crypto ecosystems.
  • MegaCryptoPolis: News aggregation for cryptocurrencies
  • Web3News: Compiles content from over 300 cryptocurrency news outlets

It’s easier to quickly peruse news from many industries if you bookmark these sites.

Should I pay for several cryptocurrency subscriptions?

Most likely not. Instead of flooding your email with offers, choose one or maybe two suppliers that align with your preferences. Bloomberg Crypto, The Block, and Messari provide institutional-level analysis.

In conclusion, keep an eye on the constantly changing landscape of cryptocurrency.

Keeping up with the ever-changing crypto world might seem like an impossible task. Constantly emerging initiatives and paradigm changes are accompanied with volatility caused by macro forces.

However, to be a knowledgeable trader, investor, or builder, you must filter out the noise and stick to dependable sources that provide filtered signals that are worth your little attention.

The sources that are covered in depth in this tutorial provide you the information you need to distinguish between distracting noise and signal:

  • Rely on credible cryptocurrency media outlets and publications, such as CoinDesk, Bloomberg, and CNBC Crypto.
  • Observe forecasters on Crypto Twitter and in newsletters that you may trust.
  • Set aside time to watch YouTube episodes from dependable artists and listen to podcasts.
  • Using exploratory tools and blockchain data, get your own findings.
  • Think about superior products that help you find an informed advantage faster. – The Block, Messari

With the tools discussed above at your disposal, may you gain insight while sifting through hyperbole and false information. Recognising dependable sources helps in spotting reliable trends while disregarding phantom commentary.

Over time, information accumulates. When knowledge builds up to a certain degree, new connections may be made that lead to creative ideas and possibilities.

Remain inquisitive, concentrated, and involved with the most recent advancements in cryptocurrency so that you may seize the day by acting promptly now.