Make Money Online – Best Typing Jobs in USA – Per Day 50$

Typing Jobs in USA

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog, in this post i gonna tell you that how to Make Money Online – Best Typing Jobs in USA – Per Day 50$ . “Typing Jobs in USA”

1. Hiresine Review

Are Hiresine online typing jobs really an easy way to earn six dollars per page or is it a scam to stay away from, i decided to test it out myself and in this Hiresine review i will explain all the details and there are some very important details you definitely need to know to find out if this is the best way to find online typing jobs so let’s start by going over the basics of. “Typing Jobs in USA”

Typing Jobs in USA
Typing Jobs in USA

2. What is Hiresine?

What Hiresine supposedly is and when you go to the website it looks quite nice and professional and everything and you can see the current openings there’s a lot of different great jobs potentially and one of them is online typing jobs and if you scroll to the bottom of the page

you also see that supposedly they are working with companies like bmw or ikea and some really great big brands and this is just like to give the sense of security and that is really legit because if they work with these big companies then you know then it definitely can be trusted or is this really true

because anyone can just take logos there and i’m pretty sure that’s what they have done but i will explain more about why that is later let’s now go over these online typing jobs and how you can potentially then earn six dollars per page and if it really is a legit claim. “Typing Jobs in USA”

3. How to find online typing job

Typing Jobs in USA
Typing Jobs in USA

So i have now jumped to the online typing jobs in the current opening position and here it starts becoming clear that this is not a professional job website because there’s just ads everywhere popping up and there was even a pop-up ad before i came and then you scroll down and you read more about it and it looks very great

Typing Jobs in USA
Typing Jobs in USA

everything you can see there you see you just need to work two to three hours per day that’s really cool and how much can you then know like what you need to do and the race is like six dollars per page and you know everything like this flexible hours it all looks

good except for the ads that are plastered every single way and they get paid for you to do this or whenever you click them and for you to do that and then like okay this looks nice there’s a lot of ads looks a little bit weird but then okay then apply to become an online typing

so let’s try that and then i come to how to apply and then i come to this general site or first like a lot of ads popping up and you might think oh open but that’s like actually an ad so just have to scroll through another big ad and then this is just a general apply now

page and then review the hiring process submit job application okay but I wanted to apply for the online typing job and where do i do that then do i need to Then where am i where how do i apply and then you click the current job openings and then you’re just taking

back to the current job openings with a lot of ads remember they get paid every time you accidentally click these ads and you probably will because there’s a lot of them covering the content and things

like that and then you’re back seeing oh this is just an overview of the different typing jobs or different jobs and you can see how many mods you can earn for each of them and then you see like okay but

“Typing Jobs in USA”

then i wanted the typing job so then i maybe i’ll click here and then i get to be to apply but then I just come back again a lot of ads back at the same place where i was before and i just scrolled down and

finding that was a new page where it is like okay but explore now but how do i sign up I wanted to apply and this is when it becomes clear that there are actually no jobs to apply for because they just

want you to go around in circles and clicking their ads because that is how they earn and this is not just something i make up i actually managed to find the application form and that in itself is quite a bit

of work and i only did that by doing some searches behind what is available through the menu so that will show even more clearly why what i just said is true so let me just jump to the application form that I finally managed to find. “Typing Jobs in USA”

4. How to apply?

Typing Jobs in USA
Typing Jobs in USA

You see i now come to the application form after having done a lot of research there to find it or actually searching through the website in different ways and then you need to sign up and i would definitely

recommend do not give your mobile phone number do not give any private or not even your real email address you do not know what they will do with it i would definitely not recommend that for a site

“Typing Jobs in USA”

that uses tricks like this but just for the sake of it i’ll try to register again i have done it already to see what was behind there and it was terrible but i wanted to show you also so i just use fake information i usually never use fake information if it’s a real legit online learning platform because that’s just

You know that’s not fair and that’s not going to help your home but in this case they like just take you around circles and things like that so i don’t mind so i’ll just try to register so you can see. “Typing Jobs in USA”

5. What happen after you join?

What’s inside and then you get to your journey starts here and again ads popping up everywhere that you will accidentally probably click and they will earn every time you do and then you just come to the application form again and then what happened then oh okay

i needed to choose a status there okay so i did that wrong let me just try again i’ll just try to post here again i need to agree to the terms and then I register again you see like even when there’s an error they try to get you to do that but now i finally made it inside and

“Typing Jobs in USA”

i have a freelancer account and you see then i that that’s my account this picture is the same for everyone that joins and this is all you need to do that’s your profile there but how do you add some information but then you can write a little bit you know right

and then you can update it and that’s supposedly your platform there’s no way to apply for the same way if you go to the current

openings it’s the same thing you just go and circle so this profile is like worthless signing up is useless you’re not going to get paid the whole idea for them is to give you these big earning claims

so you just keep running around in circles to try to find the jobs and in the meantime you will Accidentally click some ads and they will earn money by doing that but you Will never get to earn. “Typing Jobs in USA”

6. Final Verdict

So to sum it all up if it was not clear By now Hiresine is a complete waste of time it is just meant to make money for them by you accidentally click one of the many many ads they have all over the site but you just keep going around in circles because then they hope you will click more ads but you will never find any actual jobs

“Typing Jobs in USA”

it is a complete waste of time you will not find any real jobs and it’s just really not worth it and i really do dislike this way for them to try to make money where they just waste our time and that’s why i decided to write this post because

i wanted to make that very clear so you do not waste your time you will not find jobs there if you want to make money online for free there are many great options and i will leave links below to some options you can find but hiresine is definitely not one of them just stay away from it in my opinion. “Typing Jobs in USA”